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▸Afrosmartshop: Bridge Africa & the World

African culture is the main unlimited, envied and globally accepted asset that Africans will always own; unlike natural ressources that are limited, produced, sold and controlled by others.

Our mission is to improve the daily lives of the African continent by offering customers innovative, convenient and affordable online services while supporting the development of companies using our platform to satisfy their customers.

We believe that technology has the potential to transform everyday life in Africa, for the better. We built Afrosmartshop to help consumers access millions of goods and services conveniently and at the best prices while opening up a new way for sellers to reach consumers and grow their businesses.

But also to distribute and produce the wealth of African culture as largely as Japanese food, Latin dances or European lifestyle.

For this reason, selling and buying African culture all over the world should be an enjoyable experience done as a community.

▸Buy, sell & discover African culture

Our platform brings together a MarketPlace, which connects sellers and buyers, a logistics network, which allows the delivery of millions of packages, and a payment service, which facilitates our customers’ transactions in most of our markets.

We open up the field of possibilities for a new generation of talent by creating career opportunities and supporting the development of new skills.

We also provide a safe shopping experience for our customers who can buy with trust and ease on our platform. Sellers will only receive the money once your order has been shipped and acknowledged receipt of.

Afrosmartshop is hundreds of direct jobs and more thanks to the network of our salespeople and logistics partners. Our commitment is to sustainable impact in Africa.

With more than a subscription program, Afrosmartshop is the solution for African social commerce, exporter and dropshippers that provides and gives sellers access to tailor-made services.

If you want a customized seller platform, seamless coordination of global payments and easy shipping tools, you’re at the right place!

▸Our Story

Afrosmartshop was created in 2018 with one mission in mind: bridge Africa and the World.

Coming from Cameroon, our founder: Claude JUNANG share a particular love for Africa and wanted to make Made of Africa products accessible to a wider audience . Moreover, he was dreaming of building a place which would promote financial empowerment for African  through fashion, crafts, arts and culture.

This is how was born.

▸Our Values


  • Excellence is a habit to be practiced daily.
  • Always deliver, then improve.
  • Perfect is a swear word. Don’t try to be perfect. Iterate instead.
  • Learn, Adapt and Do It until you can scale it.
  • Make something people want.


  • We take our commitment to our clients personally.
  • We are here to serve, anyone who contacts us deserves an answer.
  • Timing is everything in life.
  • Humility is key, just apologize if you make a mistake and fix it.
  • Our customer’s problem is ours.


  • Business is Personal.
  • You cannot create BONDS if you do not GENEROUSLY share & give.
  • Trust = Transparency x Reliability. Our business is: The Trust business.
  • Information is key for the team, customer and our ecosystem.
  • Fairness is the baseline.

Provide 100% products

With the best prices
in Cameroon

Offering the most convenient purchasing platform

Bringing our customers the best

Afrosmartshop Today in numbers


Present/Available in Africa and Europe


+1,000 partners & employees worldwide


+5,000 customers worldwide since 2019

Afrosmartshop SARL

A company created in
June 2022

Afrosmartshop SARL

100 employees of which
95% in premises

Afrosmartshop SARL

95% of our employees are under 35 years old

Afrosmartshop SARL

70% made in Cameroon (MiC) products

Afrosmartshop SARL

60% of women in the management Best online Marketplace in Cameroon and abroad
Shop for Everything You Need on Afrosmartshop Cameroon

Afrosmartshop is your best online marketplace in Cameroon and abroad. Our platform brings together a Marketplace, which connects sellers and buyers, its own logistics network, which allows the delivery and routing of parcels and a payment service which facilitates transactions for our customers in most of our markets. We offer a platform where customers in any part of Cameroon and abroad can find and shop for all they need in one online store and that platform is the AfrosmartshopCM website. On the AfrosmartshopCM mobile app or website, you can shop from the comfort of your home or during work breaks and get everything delivered fast without you having to stress or move an inch. Be it fashion, electronics, mobile phones, computers, or your everyday groceries you can get everything you need on Afrosmartshop online store. Are you looking for a place to buy something near you in Douala, Yaoundé, all over Cameroon or abroad? Afrosmartshop is here and always near you. Visit and shop easily with the option to pay online by MOMO (MTN MOBILE MONEY) or OM (ORANGE MONEY) anywhere in Africa. For our international customers, you have the payment option by credit card, bank card, etc. Have you used the Afrosmartshop online store today? Shop now on Afrosmartshop to enjoy a seamless online shopping experience. With fast delivery, available returns, and flexible payment options, you are certain to enjoy the convenience of shopping online.

Shop for Original and Quality Items at The Best Prices

Afrosmartshop Cameroon prides itself in giving the best prices and the best quality of products you can find anywhere in the country. Our strong partnership with top brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Diageo, Tecno, Adidas, Nike, Lenovo, Balea, etc. guarantees our customers the cheapest prices on original brand products. Beyond that, customers also have exclusive access to the latest product released by these top brands. If you enjoy exclusivity, the Afrosmartshop Official Store is the right place for you. On the Afrosmartshop official stores, you can experience product launches and be among the first set of people in Cameroon to own new products. You can also enjoy huge offers on brand days that come with heavy discounts on various products ranging from mobile phones to drinks, clothing items, sneakers, and many more!
Explore our official stores today to see a wide range of popular brands that sell directly on our platform and get assured of the best prices and quality of products you buy on Afrosmartshop.

Shop the Latest Fashion and Trendy Outfits Online

Discover an extensive range of fashion items for women, men, and kids on Afrosmartshop. Our women's fashion collection includes a diverse selection of clothing such as blouses, pants, and jeans. We also offer a variety of gowns in different lengths and materials to suit your individual style. Additionally, browse through our unique fashion accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, and sunglasses, all at unbeatable prices. For men's fashion, Afrosmartshop has an impressive collection of stylish clothing pieces that can make a statement. Find quality men's trousers, shoes, shirts, watches and suits at the most affordable prices. Sports enthusiasts can also get their hands on quality gym wear, trendy sneakers, and other sportswear items. At Afrosmartshop, we haven't forgotten about the little ones. Browse through our selection of baby clothes for boys and girls and their accessories. Shop now on Afrosmartshop Cameroon and enjoy an incredible online shopping experience.

Indulge in a Selection of Beauty Products

Our online store also offers you the best beauty products from top brands in the world, e.g. Nivea and many others. Many things related to health and beauty e.g. skin care products, makeup and cosmetics, wigs, oral care, hair care, and fragrances can be found at our online store. Be certain that whatever we sell on the Afrosmartshop website is of good quality. When you shop for your beauty products on Afrosmartshop you have successfully avoided getting fake products that can cause unhealthy reactions to your skin or body and without breaking the bank, you can maintain a healthy beauty routine to leave jaws dropping.

Get Your Home Needs on Afrosmartshop Cameroon

Afrosmartshop is an online supermarket where you can shop for your daily groceries in Cameroon at prices cheaper than others. Check off your grocery list and stock up your pantry with a variety of items ranging from rice to cooking oils, wines, Snacks, beverages, household cleaning items, and many others. We also have a section for fresh foods and canned foods. Also, Discover our baby shop for all baby essentials from baby food and diapers to toys and educational games. Beyond your daily grocery needs, you can shop on Afrosmartshop online for unique home furniture and interior decor pieces to beautify your homes and offices. We have carefully designed outdoor furniture and lighting for your patio and rooftops. We also have generators, inverters, and inverter batteries to power up. There is nothing your home needs that is not on Afrosmartshop. You can easily shop from our huge collection of large and small appliances such as fridges, washing machines, air conditioners, iron, blenders, air fryers, and many others. Shop for all your home needs and enjoy top deals, prices, and offers you can get nowhere else.

Buy the Latest Smartphones and Electronics From Afrosmartshop Cameroon

Shopping on Afrosmartshop guarantees that you get the latest mobile phones, tablets, or phablets before anyone else. Buy trusted Apple iOS iPhones and iPads and quality Android brands like Samsung, Tecno, Xiaomi, Infinix, and many others! Unlock the best functionality of your smartphones when you buy our amazing phone accessories like AirPods, earphones, powerbank, Bluetooth speakers, durable phone cases, and many more! We have an endless supply of Afrosmartshop phone accessories from top brands like Samsung, Tecno, JBL, etc.
We also have an amazing collection of top computing brands like Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Apple Macbook, and more! You can either buy these computing devices as desktops or laptops depending on your choice. Shop for computing accessories like printers, scanners, computer components, and monitors to enhance your computer or laptop experience. Our catalog of electronics offers you the highest quality of products from trusted sellers and brands. You can get the latest smart televisions and home audio devices for your living room. To spice things up, you can get the PlayStation consoles or Xbox consoles especially if you love gaming during your leisure time.

Enjoy Top Deals and Discounts when Shopping on Afrosmartshop Cameroon Online Store

There are limitless offers and deals on the Afrosmartshop Cameroon online store. Enjoy up to 80% discount on selected items of the day during the flash sales. We also have Half Price Deals where our shoppers buy selected products like mobile phones, laptops, phone accessories, and clothing pieces for half the original price. Get the best prices you can find on the best deals page.

Enjoy other weekly offers that run all year long, which means that every time you shop on the Afrosmartshop website, you are sure to enjoy mouth-watering discounts and deals that will help you save more and get the most affordable prices no one else can give you. To know more about these offers and deals, you can subscribe to our push notifications and newsletters, read our blog, and follow us on all our social media accounts.

An online platform in Cameroon to build & equip your home.

The online reference for the purchase of quality construction material products at lower costs for the construction of your dream buildings. Cameroonians and foreigners can now buy good construction equipment but also fittings/furnishings remotely and have them delivered directly to the construction site.

The best place to equip your home with the best smart and digital TVs (Hisense, LG, SAMSUNG, Xiaomi etc). The only place where you can buy a 43-inch LG Smart TV at only 150,000 fcfa and wall mounts from 4,000 fcfa. Play your sounds in the best woofers from 12500 fcfa. We have beds and mattresses with bedspreads for you. Also, equip your kitchen with the best stoves from 75,000 fcfa (for a 4-burner stove). Kitchen utensils of all kinds that give you all the possibilities in your home. You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to refrigerators and freezers and you can leave with a good refrigerator for less than 100,000 fcfa. 2-seater, 4-seater and 6-seater dining sets available at competitive prices. Not to mention air conditioners and fans to fight the heat. Afrosmartshop offers air conditioners and fans from the best brands and coupled with the best after-sales service. Advice is also offered on how to make better use of your air conditioners.

Experience Fast Delivery and Online Shopping Convenience.

Get your cart delivered to you within 24 hrs when you buy items with the UBi Express tag, for selected products, you are also assured of free delivery and have your products delivered to you at no extra cost! Also, we have products that you can ship from abroad under the Afrosmartshop Global catalog. This means that you can order various items from outside the country and get them delivered to your doorstep without hassles.

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